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Find out what our clients are raving about, browse through our product line and discover tools that will not only drive thousands of new visitors to your web site but also truly solidify your companies branding power. All items are printed in offset Full Color, photographic quality.
Prices include our assistance with designing your product, using ready made templates, but you are welcomed to send your own fully designed item.

Order today, we ship most orders in as few as 3 days
NOTE: Joinweb.com VISP customers have 20% discount in all prices
Attract attention for company events or special celebrations
  • Option to add clear adhesive hangers for easy hanging
  • Printed on high-quality vinyl - choose indoor or outdoor durability
  Small   Medium   Large
  35.50" x 20.00"
902mm x 508mm
2662 x 1500 pixels
  47.58" x 30.00"
1209mm x 762mm
3568 x 2250 pixels
  71.53" x 30.00"
1817mm x 762mm
5365 x 2250 pixels


Qty Small Medium Large
1 $17.98 $37.48 $52.48
2 $34.48 $71.98 $101.98
3 $50.98 $104.98 $149.98
4 $65.98 $134.98 $194.98
5 $80.98 $164.98 $239.98
Clear Adhesive Hanger $7.98
More quantities available
Contact us to get a quote including shipping and processing costs
Full Bleed
Safe Margin
Bleed Area
Full Bleed Size (starting document size)
71.80" x 30.20"
1824mm x 767mm
5385 x 2265 pixels
* Finished artwork should use the full bleed dimensions for best results.
Document Trim Size (final size after being cut)
71.53" x 30.00"
1817mm x 762mm
5365 x 2250 pixels

* Please be sure to keep all text within the safe margin.
Resolution 75 DPI

Full-Color Custom banners Printing
Your budget should never force you to decide how many colors you can afford on your custom banners. Discount banner printing at Harpwro includes full-color printing to maximize their impact.

Custom banner Design Options to Suit Your Needs
We have hundreds of custom banner design templates to help get you started. Upon your request we will suggest  a banner design template and proceed to our free design studio for full-color banner printing.  We offer over 70,000 free stock images to help you create your banners. If you already have your banners designed, you can simply upload your file for us to print!

Custom banner Printing for Your Small Business
Our technology means that we can print banners in small quantities and still offer you the best value anywhere. Historically, banner printing and design have been a hands-on, laborious process for both the supplier and the customer. We have not only fully automated the manufacturing of banner printing, but also the manner in which cheap banner printing orders are created and submitted. We incur lower costs, which mean our customers enjoy lower prices for higher quality banner printing services.


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